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Muslin Towels


120x170 cm


120x120 cm


So können Sie Ihre hochwertigen Tücher lange genießen


Für Groß und Klein ein kuschelig weiches Geschenk

GOTS zertifizierter, 100% BIO-Baumwollstoff für Ihr Wohlbefinden

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Muslin blankets 120x170

Main category >Muslin blankets 120x170

4 layers (twice as thick as the traditional cotton muslin swaddles), GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton muslin swaddle blanket in XXL size (120x170 cm)

The natural, lightweight, soft, breathable, highly absorbent, durable, 60-degree washable and versatile cotton fabric has conquered worldwide the hearts of adults and children. Many celebrities are also enthusiastic about these premium muslin swaddle blankets.


The -anna smil- muslin blanket is lightweight and well compressible, so it fits in suitcases, sports bags and even wrap bags and serves as a perfect towel, sauna towel, blanket or as a changing mat. The durable softness and versatility of the muslin swaddle blankets allows you to use the -anna smil- muslin swaddle blanket perfectly as a blanket on air or road trips. For those children, who needs to snuggle to calm themselves, an -anna smil- muslin swaddle blanket can be a lifesaver.

Because the xxl muslin blanket is breathable, it is ideal for covering babies even on warm summer days. Whether the baby needs a cover while breastfeeding or in the car seat, or you want to set your child a shady spot to rest in a playground, the huge -anna smil- muslin blanket lets in air and eliminates the hot sun.

And last but not least, the muslin blankets have a high absorbency, which makes cotton muslin cloths especially perfect towels and a softness that always touches the skin tenderly. It feels so good to wrap your body completely in the extremely large muslin blanket after a bath or shower and dry quickly and gently.

With the -anna smil- xxl muslin swaddle blankets, it is now possible not only for babies, but also for kids and adults to enjoy this traditional luxury.