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Muslin Towels


120x170 cm


120x120 cm


So können Sie Ihre hochwertigen Tücher lange genießen


Für Groß und Klein ein kuschelig weiches Geschenk

GOTS zertifizierter, 100% BIO-Baumwollstoff für Ihr Wohlbefinden

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Muslin is a supple and fluffy material and ensures a cuddly well-being. The  cotton muslin is an uncomplicated and easy-care fabric.

Rely on our experience and follow our care and washing instructions so that you enjoy many years of our products.


To wash

Please note in general that every towel, sauna towel, bath towel or cuddly blanket should be washed before first use. The towels made from 100% muslin organic cotton, like other towels, become more absorbent with each wash. After at least 3 washes, the towel, bath towel, sauna towel from muslin bio cotton achieved the optimal absorbency.


Detergent Dosage

Always dispense detergent exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. If there are too many detergents, residues of it can settle on the fiber (the colors fade, gray or the material hardens), too little detergent can harden the laundry, because then too little descaler is contained.


Wash temperature

Our recommended washing temperature is between 30 ° C and 60 ° C. For hygienic reasons we find it important to be able to offer our cloths washable even between 40- 60 ° C.



If you use fabric softener, we recommend a very economical use, otherwise the absorbency of the towels muslin is adversely affected.



If possible, avoid drying on the heater - this makes the cuddly muslin cloth hard and brittle.

The softness and fluffiness of muslin cloth is best ensured when drying in a tumble dryer.


Our high quality muslin swaddles and towels, sauna towels and cuddly mules, are characterized by the use of particularly fluffy organic cotton yarns, so they can not be 100% shrink resistant. To avoid excessive shrinkage, the temperature of your tumble dryer should not be too high and should not overheat cotton. Please always pay attention to the washing instructions on your product.